Welcome to The Christian Girl Blog

First off let me start by saying Thank You all for stopping by my blog!!

Who is the blogger behind The Christian Girl Blog?

    Hello ladies, my name is Alexis Jordayn, I'm twenty something fashion and lifestyle blogger currently residing in Indiana. Currently I'm a banker teller by day and a blogger by night.  I also attended Ball State University where I majored in Fashion Design. This blog has been a long time coming; finally I have gotten the courage to start The Christian Girl Blog!! Also please bare with me with the images, as I am still learning about photography and angles.

How The Christian Girl Blog came about?

    The Christian Girl Blog came along when I was going through a rough a time in my life, where my faith was being tested in every way possible. That's when God blessed me with the idea of this blog and the purpose it was going to serve. This blog is about my journey with Christ and some of the tribulations that I have gone through, will go through and the lessons I have learned and will continue to learn along the way.

What is the purpose of The Christian Girl Blog?

    The purpose of The Christian Girl Blog is to inspire and share insight on how to live life as a Christian Girl. Don't get it twisted; I am in no way an expert on living mistake free, but what I do know is with every mistake, every situation, God has been right there to love and guide me through it all. I know he has done the same things for you ladies. This is just girl talk about fashion and to encourage you to continue on this journey and to let God lead you, so that you can reach the destiny and purpose he has for your life. As for fashion you will find advice on how to style those must haves of the season effortlessly into your style, all while staying within your budget and everything in between.

    The Christian Girl Blog is here to be used as a tool or a resource in growing your faith in God to help you gain understanding of who God truly is. I want this blog to represent the Christian's girl journey with Christ and each of the tribulations that Christian girls are faced with on a daily basis. The best way to explain it to you beautiful ladies is, we are all on this journey together. We will take different paths, go through different situations but the ultimate goal of this blog is to encourage you to stay focused, so that you won't miss out on what God has uniquely planned for your life.

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